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Does It Hurt To Think? - Comprehensive Archive

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Fourteen years of Does It Hurt To Think?



Mar 29 - Here we go again
Mar 02 - This just in

Feb 06 Keeping Trump honest

Jan 14 That's a technical term
Jan 01 The Death of Expertise



Nov 12 Give more money to rich people
Oct 23 Waving at Volcanoes
Oct 09 Connecting the dots

Oct 06 Perhaps you heard ...

Sep 30 Dreams of Deescalation
Sep 08 Ice Ages Revisited: A Story of Climate

Aug 30 For the love of golf

Jul 29 Trump Fixes Everything

Jun 05 Trump Jobs, Obama Jobs

Feb 04 Early Musings on the Nunes Memo

Feb 02 Apples to Apples

Jan 21 -  Who's to blame?


Dec 26 The Trump Jobs Miracle

Jun 06 90 days. 120 days. 131 days.

May 11 The Burden Of So Many Brackets

Apr 03 What Trump Should Do About Health Insurance
Mar 26 Sick People: Unite!
Mar 22 Lindsey Graham Slanders Senate Democrats

Feb 06 An Autocrat In Tweets

Jan 08 Political Witch Hunt
Jan 08The Politics of Power


Dec 02 Trump's Landslide

Nov 13 Unpopular Trump
Nov 11 Trump Watch: Infrastructure, Debt, Politics

Oct 13 The Politics of National Destruction

Sep 20 Faith In Feet

Jun 28 Call Me Al

Mar 01 On Diversity

Feb 24 Escalation
Feb 16 Illegitimate Obama


Dec 16 The Reddest Herring

Oct 20 Carson Believes Otherwise

Sep 21 Pope Francis: "Solid." "Disturbing."

Aug 22 A Really Big Number

Jul 02 What Other People Do

Jun 26 Dog Fails To Catch Car
Jun 22Irish History, Culture, and Mythology

Apr 14Book Review: Hitchcock's History of the Catholic Church ...
Mar 22More Thinking About Al Gore

Feb 28Shut It Down!
Feb 18A Sentence
Feb 13Not Good Enough
Feb 06Going Around, Coming Around

Jan 08President Romney Delivers


Dec 01Of Ice Ages and Men

Nov 12As Lambs to the Slaughter

Oct 12Galbraith Warns of "End of Normal"

Aug 23 - Intractable Unwinnable Confounding Astonishingly Complicated Tripartite (Quadripartite?) Clusterfuck

 Jul 26What Do You Mean By "Soon?"
 Jul 09On Being Right, On Being Wrong 

Jun 27Lefty Liberal Tomfoolery 
Jun 22Less Daylight? 
Jun 14Things To Understand About The Upheaval In Iraq

May 12Krauthammer Disappoints

Mar 25Thinking About Al Gore  

Jan 13Life Inside The Bubble


Dec 19Ephemeral Republican Heath Reform  
Dec 11This Is Not How It Should Be
Dec 11Revisited: A Lesson In Dishonesty
Dec 04Ready

Jul 19Reckoning The Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

May 18Numerators and Denominators
May 09Repeating Europe's Mistakes

Apr 10Prose About Poetry
Apr 09Poetry

Mar 11Trusting The Fund: A Citizen's Guide To Social Security's Trust Fund

Jan 12Agency in Animals
Jan 03Rivlin's Wrong
Jan 01Loose Ends: Studies in Mendacity, Part II


Dec 02Sorrow and Science

Nov 29Mesa: November 11, 1998 - November 28, 2012
Nov 24Barack Obama, Extreme Socialist?

Oct 09Very Briefly: God, Science, and Morality

Aug 04Letter to a Friend: Socialism and the European Financial Crisis

Jul 14Was John Roberts Seeking Redemption?

Apr 28Obama's Deficit?

Mar 07The Food Stamp President

Feb 28Two Religions


Dec 18St. Bernadette
Dec 05Oh my! Maureen Dowd on Newt Gingrich

Nov 08Newt on the Trust Fund

Mar 18Durbin Agrees With Me On Social Security

Feb 18Why Social Security Is Not The Problem


May 11A Lesson In Dishonesty

Mar 22Losing Jasper, Missing Juniper


Dec 15Show Joe The Door

Nov 22Boehner Wins

Sep 12What Could You Do With A Trillion Dollars?

Aug 30Pulling The Plug On Sanity

May 08The Hydrogen Myth

Mar 26What's "up" with oil?
Mar 21Laying an AIG
Mar 18Political Cheap Shots

Feb 18Michele Green


Dec 16Making Monsters Of Us All
Nov 18Sarah Palin For President?
Nov 11You mean credit card numbers don't have spaces?

Nov 04Bush's Contribution to Democracy

Oct 22Does It Hurt To Think?

Prior to this point this blog was entitled Prairie Journal ...

Oct 03There's No There There

Sep 07Fool Me Twice ...

Aug 13In Search of Moral High Ground

Jul 04One Hundred Forty Five Dollar Oil
Jul 02One Hundred Forty Three+ Oil
Jul 02One Hundred Forty One Dollar Oil

Jun 27One Hundred Forty Dollar Oil
Jun 26One Hundred Thirty Nine+ Dollar Oil
Jun 24Brooks's "Bush Paradox"
Jun 06One Hundred Thirty Eight Dollar Oil

May 22One Hundred Thirty Three Dollar Oil
May 20One Hundred Twenty Nine Dollar Oil
May 20One Hundred Twenty Seven Dollar Oil
May 10One Hundred Twenty Six Dollar Oil
May 07One Hundred Twenty Three+ Dollar Oil
May 07One Hundred Twenty Two (Almost) Dollar Oil
May 05One Hundred Twenty Dollar Oil

Apr 29Did He Read My Blog?
Apr 22One Hundred Nineteen+ Dollar Oil
Apr 21One Hundred Seventeen+ Dollar Oil
Apr 18One Hundred Seventeen Dollar Oil
Apr 16Bad Idea, John
Apr 16One Hundred Fifteen (Almost) Dollar Oil
Apr 15One Hundred Thirteen+ Dollar Oil
Apr 09One Hundred Eleven (Almost) Dollar Oil

Mar 13One Hundred Ten (Almost) Dollar Oil
Mar 11One Hundred Eight (Almost) Dollar Oil
Mar 07One Hundred Five Dollar Oil
Mar 07One Hundred Four Dollar Oil

Feb 28A Question of Law
Feb 28One Hundred Two Dollar Oil
Feb 20One Hundred Dollar Oil !

Jan 06 -   Notable Quotes


Nov 20Ninety-Eight Dollar Oil
Nov 02Ninety-Six Dollar Oil

Oct 31Ninety-Four+ Dollar Oil
Oct 27Ninety-Two (close enough) Dollar Oil
Oct 25Ninety Dollar Oil
Oct 19Eighty-Nine Dollar Oil
Oct 17Eighty-Seven+ Dollar Oil
Oct 15Eighty-Six Dollar Oil
Oct 13Eighty-Three+ Dollar Oil

Sep 20Eighty-Two Dollar Oil
Sep 13Eighty Dollar Oil

Aug 12Turning Fifty

Jul 31Seventy-Eight Dollar Oil
Jul 20Barn Swallows and Natural Selection

Feb 11Barack and Iraq
Feb 03Bush and Bodman: Climate Cads

Jan 05Dialogue With Ideologues


Dec 312006 Prairie Journal Index
Dec 03The Plan is Oversight

Nov 28Sixty-One Dollar Oil

Sep 28Logically Challenged

Aug 07Sharing My World With Snakes

Jun 27Carbon Con?
Jun 27Closing in on 300 Million

May 20America the (Over-?) Populated

Apr 28Energy Insanity: Taxing "Windfall Profits" and Other Stupidity
Apr 22Seventy-Five Dollar Oil
Apr 18Seventy-One Dollar Oil (And a Hot April)
Apr 08Fiscal Conservatives: Rejoice

Mar 23Dear Senator Roberts
Mar 07Making Our Own Rules

Jan 28Temporal Statutory Decay
Jan 21Sabotage is not Terrorism
Jan 20Sixty-Eight Dollar Oil
Jan 10Faith and Reason
Jan 08First Causes


Dec 282005 Prairie Journal Index
Dec 26Bush's Brain (no, not Karl Rove)
Dec 03The "Same Intelligence"

Nov 12Congress Got Rolled

Oct 07Frankly Wrong

Sep 26A Warm September
Sep 17Clarification: The Negative Press
Sep 03What, Exactly, is "Homeland Security"?
Sep 02Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Aug 28The Iraq Dilemma
Aug 20Executing Saddam
Aug 12Power Plant a Dirty Neighbor
Aug 12Sixty-Six Dollar Oil
Aug 12Sixty-Five Dollar Oil
Aug 09Sixty-Four Dollar Oil
Aug 03A Divider, Not a Uniter

Jul 24The Negative Press
Jul 16Incredible Carnage

Jun 26Notable Quotes: Bill Moyers on Journalism, Public Broadcasting, and Democracy
Jun 24Sixty Dollar Oil
Jun 24Musings on Iraq
Jun 17 - Trust Fund Redux: A Parable
Jun 10Thank God for the Japs

May 24Hatch's Hypocrisy
May 10Notable Quotes, May 10, 2005
May 09Stating The Obvious
May 08Hoping For Higher Gas Prices
May 06Notable Quotes, May 6, 2005
May 03My Stupid Truck

Apr 22The Abortion Problem
Apr 01Hubbert's Pimple

Mar 22Refuge At Risk

Feb 25Silence
Feb 11So you want to be a botanist?
Feb 08Trusting the Fund: Can we rely on the government's Social Security nest egg?

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