Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dear Senator Roberts

Today I sent the following letter to Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas. Senator Roberts, who represents my home state, is chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. I hope he won't mind my sharing this with you.

March 23, 2006

Senator Pat Roberts
109 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-1605

Dear Senator Roberts,

You have promised many times that your committee will soon proceed to the second part of its Iraq investigation--the part where you investigate whether there was politicization or misuse of intelligence in the run up to the war. I had thought that the hearings were on hold until after the 2004 elections, but we are now way past that and nothing seems to be happening. Why not?

Senator, although you appear to be in remarkably good health, and exhibit a delightfully cantankerous personality to go with it, anybody with a television can see that you are no spring chicken. While all persons of goodwill--me included--wish you a long and happy life, I worry that at the rate things are proceeding you will expire of old age before delivering on your promise. Please do not allow that to happen.

The Congress in general, and your committee in particular, does seem to be grievously shirking its oversight responsibility. A cynic outside of Kansas might conclude that you are trying to provide political cover for the President's missteps. Your constituents here at home know that could never be the case, but one does wonder about these perplexing delays.

Please, sir, for the good of the country, would you get on with it?

Mike Brennan

Copyright (C) 2006 James Michael Brennan, All Rights Reserved


At Mon Mar 27, 01:27:00 PM, Anonymous bert said...

and what form letter will Sen. Roberts' staff pull out of the files for this one?

"Thank you for your concern for my health, but being my cantankerous self I'll get around to the Iraq investigations when I dang well please."

Let your readers know if Sen. Roberts responds with anything remotely interesting (i.e. non- evasive).


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