Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michele Greene

Remember Michele Greene, "Abby Perkins" of L.A. Law? Kind face. Slightly sad blue gray green eyes. No glamorous beauty, she, but heartbreakingly pretty. I could have spent a lifetime gazing into those eyes. It's an infatuated fool who imagines he can know a person through her TV character, but I couldn't shake the sense that this was someone good and real and, yes, sweet.

After a number of seasons, she and I both left L.A. Law. Twenty years later, I wondered: Whatever happened to Michele Greene? The memory came—from where I don't know—as a beam of radiance, summoned to light a deep dark and melancholy mood. I have such days. And so I wondered.

It's sometimes still a shock to realize that, with the Internet, questions such as these are easily asked and answered. The magic of Google.

Turns out she's doing well. Time, never a friend, seems to have few quarrels with her. She left series TV acting because it was too shallow, and because there was much else she wanted to do with her life. Like music: she's recorded two bilingual Latin albums, and put together a Latin ensemble. And writing: lyrics, screenplays, stories, and a young adult novel. She gives creativity workshops. And she still acts.

A good and rich life, it would appear. What more could anybody want?

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