Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bush's Contribution to Democracy

George W. Bush's critics have had a sad duty to enumerate the President's constitutional transgressions, and a mournful burden to lament their toll on American democracy.

The dreadful litany includes illegal domestic wiretaps, illegal (and immoral) torture of detainees, the reprehensible practice of extraordinary rendition, the politicization of the Department of Justice (and just about everything else), and the general disdain of constitutional checks on executive power.

Give credit, however, where credit is due, and acknowledge Bush's one undeniable contribution to American democracy.

As we revel in what may be the highest turnout of American voters in a generation or two, and in a rejuvenation and renewal of the American electorate, we have not only Barack Obama but also George W. Bush to thank.

Thanks in part to Bush, the citizens of these United States, while all too often woefully uninformed and minimally engaged, have nevertheless come together in uplifting numbers to repudiate the conduct of the last eight years, and to cast their aspirations toward a future lit once again by hope and decency.

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